Highest quality research organisations

The Association of Irish Market Research Organisations (AIMRO) represents the highest quality research organisations in the Republic of Ireland. Each of the member companies subscribes to a common set of values, operating principles and codes of conduct. We operate to the highest standards of professional integrity and abide by our own fieldwork standards, qualitative research standards and political polling standards.

AIMRO companies provide market and consumer data and insight to businesses and organisations in every sphere of life in Ireland.  Many AIMRO companies are part of international groups, providing convenient access to market research experts all around the world.  

AIMRO companies are aware of our responsibility to uphold the reputations and standards of the clients we represent and are therefore fully compliant with all ethical, legal, tax and data protection requirements as they relate our interviewers, our respondents and your customers.

AIMRO members subscribe to the research codes of the following organisations:

  • MRS
  • Marketing Society
  • Marketing Institute


Ipsos MRBI
Amárach Research
Millward Brown
Kantar Worldpanel