Spark Market Research

Spark Market Research

The Strategic Research Agency

We are a full service research agency offering both qualitative and quantitative market research services, always served with a large portion of strategic thinking.  We love what we do and we constantly strive to do it better.

Our team consists of senior researchers many of who have had previous lives as marketers, retail buyers, planners or client side researchers.  We have seen most of the projects we work on from both sides of the fence and we feel that this enables us to ask better questions.  Ultimately this ensures that our work matters by making our client’s lives easier and most importantly helping to grow their businesses.

We do everything you’d expect from an integrated agency, whether it’s depths, focus groups and creative workshops, through to brand and advertising trackers, segmentation studies, nationally representative surveys, mystery shopping and hall tests. However, we like to push ourselves further and because of this, we’ve pioneered a number of innovative and award-winning ways of better understanding your consumers’ beliefs and behaviours.

The majority of our fieldwork is conducted on the island of Ireland but we do often find ourselves in the UK either on behalf of Irish companies or working with UK clients.  As well as the Irish team we have a number of associates based in the UK, from Edinburgh to London.

Spark researchers treat every project as if it is their most important project – we get a kick out of creating brilliant work and growing alongside our clients.  Get in touch, we would love to hear from you.