Red C



RED C is Ireland’s premier provider of research-based consultancy services.  Founded in 2003, we have been providing high quality research based consultancy services to both blue chip and up and coming businesses across Ireland for the past 10 years. 

We are a fresh, dynamic organisation whose work is rooted in sound statistical science, behavioural observation and listening to the consumer.  At the core of our business is the gathering and analysis of behaviour, to provide clear insights to our customers, in an ever-changing world.

RED C uses a variety of different approaches in our toolbox, in order to help us gather information and analyse behaviour.  We have a sophisticated field department providing the latest in face to face, qualitative recruitment, telephone and online research facilities and services. A team of data analysts with a wealth of experience compliment this with advanced quantitative analysis techniques and thinking.

A ruthless focus on quality, innovation and an unbeatable team, ensures the best levels of service throughout the projects RED C run; from the quality of each individual interview or survey, to the detail and expertise in analysing the findings.  This allows us to clearly tell the story that is uncovered, both from the information we collect and the observations we make.