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Research 60 Minutes in The Sugar Club

20 September 2018

Join AIMRO for a power hour of intense and invaluable insight into the leading tools, techniques and tips from Ireland's best market research practitioners. The event is free to all AIMRO member customers and we hope you can get along. Just let us know you are coming and we look forward to seeing you there.

The Challenges for Online & Mobile Advertising

iPhone 5S Gold
05 February 2014

“We’re moving a large chunk of our budget to online ….next year”.  A familiar refrain heard by the RED C team as we report on advertising effectiveness across a range of our clients.   It appears as if the message has finally broken through among brand teams and in board rooms across Ireland, that advertising spend online is still lagging a long way behind online consumption.  But what are the challenges for brands to make it work, and by the time brands have a plan will the target have shifted again?

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